• Ali Ulubay
  • Mesud Behlül Varol
Keywords: Obstacle Plans, Vertical Obstacles, Web Services


Rapid development of the aviation industry, in terms of noise pollution and land use around airports, brings out many problems as well as safe navigation for aircraft. The high-constructions around the airports constitute a potential danger especially for aircraft takeoff and landing, and people living in that area.

 In this study, a model is explained about the determination of the obstacles around airports and preparation of the obstacle plans which should be planed based on the runway categories, in three-dimensional and automatically. Then an exercise is presented to share data between required institutions.In order to avoid such problems, constructions around airports need to be established under control. The most important plans for the controls are published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as official documents of international standards and recommended practices. The standards and recommendations about construction limitations related to type of runway are given on the fourth section of the ICAO publication of Appendix-14. According to these standards, countries constitute safety fields around airports for aircraft takeoff and landing and are working together with local governments for these areas are not violated. Calculated in accordance with the appropriate parameters and plans to prevent the infringement of desired safety grounds are called as “Obstacle Plans”. With today's technology it is possible to produce these plans automatically, provide three-dimensional representation, use in conjunction with aerial photographs, satellite images, vertical obstacle data and development plans, then publish them with web services.


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A. Ulubay and M. Varol, “CREATING AND SERVING SAFE AREAS AROUND AERODROMES”, JAST, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 113-122, Jan. 2013.