• Serkan Coşar
  • Abdurrahman Hacıoğlu
Keywords: Performance Planning, AS-532 Cougar Helicopter, Curve Fitting


In this study, a computer code is developed to make performance planning of a helicopter automatically. With the purpose of elimination of some existing difficulties encountered from manual performance planning, the code based on curve fitting method is applied to the performance planning charts of AS-532 Cougar helicopter. In the computer code, association between curves and lines depending on the values determined for entry data value is performed by using Matlab GUI interface. For some flight conditions, performance planning card is prepared by using the code. This card is compared with the one obtained manually. All result reflects the effectiveness of the computer applications.


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S. Coşar and A. Hacıoğlu, “COMPUTER AIDED PERFORMANCE PLANNING FOR AS-532 COUGAR HELICOPTER”, JAST, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 25-32, Jul. 2011.