A New Method in Stochastic Multi-Criteria Decision Making: SWARA-SMAA-2 and an Application

  • Korel İnanç Durmaz Gazi University
  • Cevriye Gencer Gazi University
Keywords: MCDM, SWARA, SMAA, Drug Benefit Risk Analysis


The Stochastic Multiobjective Acceptability Analysis (SMAA) is a multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method that is preferred when there is a lack of information on selection criteria, no definite judgment on information, no credibility of the information on the criterion, or where no preferences are desired. The Step-Wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis (SWARA) method has emerged as a method based on the method of evaluating the weight ratios of the criteria, which is simple and rapid processes according to the known and widely known methods of MCDM. In this study SWARA-SMAA-2 method is proposed which integrates SWARA and SMAA methods. The aim of the study is to design an independent decision-making process and to make use of it by reducing the influence of uncertain and inconsistent data by integrating it with the SMAA method through the importance weights of the evaluators of decision-making field experts. The proposed method was first applied to the drug benefit risk analysis problem in the literature, and the results obtained were compared with other studies on this problem. The results of the evaluations showed that the SWARA-SMAA-2 method gave more reliable and consistent results than the other methods.

Author Biography

Cevriye Gencer, Gazi University

Gazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Ankara, Turkey and Prof.Dr.

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K. İnanç Durmaz and C. Gencer, “A New Method in Stochastic Multi-Criteria Decision Making: SWARA-SMAA-2 and an Application”, JAST, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 129-135, Jul. 2019.