Systematic Reviews in Model-Driven Engineering: A Tertiary study

  • Deniz Akdur Aselsan Inc.
  • Onur Demirörs İzmir Institute of Technology
Keywords: Systematic mapping (SM), systematic literature review (SLR), model-driven engineering (MDE), software modeling, modeling characteristics


To cope with growing complexity of software-intensive systems, model-driven engineering (MDE) has become a widely used approach in the industry by providing many (potential) benefits with different purposes. Although there has been an increasing interest in conducting secondary studies among MDE researchers such as surveys, systematic mapping (SM) and systematic literature review (SLR), there have been no tertiary study to synthesize the findings from all these existing secondary studies, which also examines various characteristics of software modeling (e.g., purposes, benefits and challenges) as a meta-analysis. In order to investigate and understand the state-of-the-practices in MDE based on the modeling characteristics, we collected the set of all the existing 64 secondary studies in this field. By being a tertiary study, (i.e., a systematic review of systematic reviews), this article presents inputs for modeling stakeholders to better understand and use different purposes, benefits, and challenges of MDE by aggregating consolidated findings on this approach.

Author Biography

Deniz Akdur, Aselsan Inc.

Deniz Akdur is a Lead Software Engineer at ASELSAN, Inc., which is the largest Defense & Aerospace company of Turkey. Prior to that, he worked as a Software Architect for different companies in both Turkey and United Kingdom in Consumer Electronics sector. He received his BSc degree in Computer Science from Bilkent University and MSc & Ph.D. degrees in Information Systems from Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey. His specialties and research interests include software-intensive embedded systems, software engineering, model-driven engineering, industry-academia collaborations and software engineering education.

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D. Akdur and O. Demirörs, “Systematic Reviews in Model-Driven Engineering: A Tertiary study”, JAST, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 57-68, Jan. 2020.