Airlines Employees Service Quality Perception of the Ground Handling Management

  • Emre Bahar Trabzon University
Keywords: Ground Handling Management, Airlines, Airline’s Employees, Industrial Service Quality, Service Quality Measurement in Ground Handling Service, SERVPERF


Ground handling companies are enterprises in which airline companies have to cooperate intensively while producing services. Ground handling companies, offer a variety of services for airline’s planes, employees and passengers. Airline services and ground handling services have different service quality perceptions since the ground handling services companies operate in the industrial markets. In the airline industry, studies in which the quality of the services offered by the ground handling services company is assessed by the airline's employees are limited In this study, measurement of the service quality perception of airline employees who benefit from the ground handling services (cockpit and cabin crews, ground operations employees, etc.) of the ground handling services and measurement of the impact of the service quality perception on customer’s satisfaction and customer’s loyalty are aimed. SERVPERF service quality measurement questions have been utilized. These questions have been restructured according to the services given by the ground handling company. The survey questions prepared have beeen replied by 248 airline employees. The perception of service quality of airline employees towards ground handling services was measured. The effect of service quality dimensions on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty attitudes of airline employees was examined. The results show that there is a significant difference between perception of service quality dimensions of airline employees and service quality physical appearance-reliability and empathy dimensions and customer satisfaction. The dimensions of service quality, assurance, empathy and responsiveness have an impact on customer loyalty.

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