Competitive Profiling to Evaluate Airline Hub Connectivity

  • Zeliha Akça Turkish Airlines
Keywords: Competitiveness, Hub Connectivity, Profiling, Strategic Management, Airline


Hub connectivity, measuring accessibility of an airline hub, is a performance indicator for airlines with hub-and-spoke network. This research develops a new methodology to calculate hub connectivity and to do strategic comparative analysis for airline hubs. The study utilizes a strategic management tool, competitive profiling matrix to design a measure which is a result of evaluation of various important dimensions enabling a competitive profiling revealing relative strengths and weaknesses of hubs. The methodology combines a wide range of critical success factors representing key components to achieve a level of excellence in terms of hub connectivity. By profiling method, this research evaluates weaknesses and strengths from different dimensions, calculates an overall weighted connectivity as well as overall efficiency producing the overall competitiveness. There are various literature providing methodology to evaluate hub connectivity of airlines. However, this research develops a unique perspective with the application of strategic profiling method and with a wide range of structural and practical factors considered. Methodology is demonstrated with computational experiments as well as a sensitivity analysis to validate the results and overcome the quantitative side of the approach.

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Z. Akça, “Competitive Profiling to Evaluate Airline Hub Connectivity”, JAST, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 107-119, Jan. 2020.