Three-Dimensional Formation Flight with Generalized Explicit Guidance

  • Raziye Tekin Roketsan Missiles
  • Koray Erer Roketsan Missiles
Keywords: Formation Flight, Virtual Leader, Tail-Chase, Vector Guidance


In this study, a three-dimensional formation flight guidance approach is developed. The proposed method has three aspects to be considered: the formation geometry, the virtual leader, and the tail-chase engagement. Upon deciding on the formation geometry, virtual leaders that are rigidly attached to the leader are generated accordingly. Afterwards, the virtual leaders are pursued in tail-chase fashion by the followers. The trajectory tracking of the virtual leaders is accomplished by the so-called generalized vector explicit guidance, which controls the three-dimensional acceleration vector of the followers. The arrowhead formation with one leader and four followers is simulated and the performance is discussed.


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R. Tekin and K. Erer, “Three-Dimensional Formation Flight with Generalized Explicit Guidance”, JAST, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 201-206, Jul. 2020.