An Open-Source Hypersonic Solver for Non-equilibrium Flows

  • Davut Vatansever Istanbul Technical University
  • Bayram Celik


An implementation of a thermally non-equilibrium modeling on an existing open-source CFD solver is presented in this study. A newly coded open-source Navier-Stokes solver, hyperReactingFoam, including two-temperature model was developed within the framework of OpenFOAM. Disregarding electronic states in ionizing flows, the solver decomposes equilibrium temperature into trans-rotational and vibrational temperatures in thermal non-equilibrium conditions. Relaxations between distinct energy pools are achieved by utilizing an additional vibrational energy equation for each specie in the mixture. Coupling between trans-rotational and vibrational energy modes is governed by Landau-Teller equation. For energy transfers between different vibrationally excited species, formulation that is proposed by Knab et al. is implemented into the solver. The chemistry-vibrational coupling is realized by the Park TTv Model. Due to the multi-component nature of reacting flow, mixture pressure is calculated by using Dalton's Law from partial pressures of each reacting specie. Code validation tests are conducted on frequently used benchmark models such as adiabatic heat bath, blunted cone, and double cone models. It has been shown that hyperReactingFoam solver is in good agreement with other numerical solvers and experiments available in the literature.

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D. Vatansever and B. Celik, “An Open-Source Hypersonic Solver for Non-equilibrium Flows”, JAST, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 35-52, Jan. 2021.