• İlayda Ülkü
  • Serol Bulkan
  • Fadime Üney-Yüksektepe
Keywords: Inventory Control, Lot Size, Mixed-Integer Linear Programming


Inventory control helps to manage or locate materials and any information through the processes in the company. The aim of the inventory management in the companies is to optimize inventory control. Especially, for the manufacturing companies, inventory control has an important goal which satisfies the product to the customer on time. Therefore, the system in the production processes should not have any trouble during the production. This study aims to optimize the production system of a two stage production processes where the bumpers are produced for different type of cars and different colors due to the model of the car. In the first stage there are three injection machines which are parallel, and in the second stage, there is a dying station. A mixed-integer linear programming model is proposed to optimize the production process. With the proposed model, the production of the injection processes is optimized and the lot sizes for each stage are determined. Also, front and back bumpers for each same model is dyed concurrently which prevents the color difference for the same model of each type of car.


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